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बी.एस.यु.पी.प्रकल्प [आर्थिक दुर्बल घटकांसाठी मुलभूत सेवा सुविधा]
Name of the Project बी.एस.यु.पी.प्रकल्प [आर्थिक दुर्बल घटकांसाठी मुलभूत सेवा सुविधा]
Implementing Agency Thane Municipal Corporation, Thane, Maharashtra.
Siddharth Nagar
Siddharth Nagar
Sr.No Project Project Cost(Crores) Sanction Date Commencement Date Present Status & Work Programme
1 DPR-I 4621 DU's 193.98 11th Jan 2012 19th Dec. 2007

4621 DUs

Work in progress (3509 Dus)

1590 DUs fully completed

247 DUs - Dec 2012

538 DUs - March 2013

539 DUS - Dec 2013

595 Dus - March 2014

Tender to be called (1112 DUs)

1112 DUs - July 2012

4621 DUs (Total)

2 DPR-II Two Slum clusters(Sanctioned 822 DUs) 34.42 13th Feb. 2008 10th Dec. 2008 DPR - II completed.
3 DPR-III One slum clusters(Sanctioned 1160 Dus) 98.7 11th Jan 2012 Sept.2012 Tendering in Process (work programme Sept.2012 to Dec. 2014)
4 DPR-IV Two Slum clusters(Sanctioned 1142 DUs) 98.22 11th Jan 2012 Sept.2012 Tendering in Process (work programme Sept.2012 to Dec. 2014)
Situation Before The Initiative Began:

Because of the push factor i.e migration of population from rural area, Thane experiences constant influx of people creating unhygienic, deplorable and unsafe slums. As per 2001 census, there were 211 slums catering to housing needs of 5.49 lacs slum dwellers i.e. around 35 per cent population.

Prior to BSUP, TMC was implementing slum and settlement upgrading, improvement and redevelopment programme chiefly through Slum Redevelopment Scheme (SRD). The pitfalls of SRD scheme were eviction of post 1995 population, no provision of amenities like community halls, night shelters, no reform mandates and lengthy techno legal procedures for approval, lack of basic infrastructural facilities. A more holistic and inclusive approach was adopted through BSUP by merging of affordable housing with social amenities and essential services to ameliorate conditions of slum dwellers residing in dilapidated conditions.


The outcome of the BSUP project must be measured in terms of improvement in life of urban poor and change in their attitude than just in number of assets created.

TMC conducted official key giving ceremony on 7th June 2011. The event was graced by Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Hon. Secretary MoHUPA and all important local as well state representatives. After this ceremony keys were distributed and house shifting started.

Over 2500 Smart Cards are issued to all the BSUP beneficiaries that contains the household and socioeconomic information as well photographs and thumb impressions of both husband and wife as co owners. This acts as valid identity card. The smart cards were imperative in collecting beneficiaries share and so far over Rs three cr is generated from beneficiaries as their share to instill them with a sense of ownership.

Currently 7 buildings are occupied and 14 are in process. Every building has its society and all the affairs are handled by the committee. The buildings have lift, fire fighting system, rain water harvesting and solar water heating system. The BSUP cell conducted social audit before allocating units to the recipients. Every person was issued a social audit form that contained queries about allocated house unit and convergence. These filled audit forms were analyzed and correction/construction work was done wherever needed. The allocated buildings are regularly visited by officials and NGO personnel. The society members are contacted frequently till the community takes over operation and maintenance responsibilities fully.

Yojnapustika(compendium of all government schemes) were designed, printed and distributed to the beneficiaries during lottery events and at the transit accommodation. This compendium contained all facts and requirements about schemes available with state and central departments and modes to avail those schemes.

The house unit is allocated to a beneficiary after his/her share of contribution is paid. TMC carried dialogue with Bank of Maharashtra who agreed to lend BSUP beneficiaries who were unable to contribute their share. The beneficiary share payment is necessary before house allocation. The bank linkage proved useful for a few people who were unable to contribute their share.

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