• Maharashtra Government has taken decision to remove Octroi on imported items related to Information Technology, so it should also be implemented at Thane Municipal Corporation.
  • To declare rates for important items every 3 months & charge Octroi uniformly.
  • Facility to Pay Property Tax through Nationalized Bank.
  • Business based on Information Technology will be charged residential rate of Tax as per Government directive.
  • To earn additional income, advertisement space will be provided, on the Property Tax & Water bills.
  • To give annual license to hawkers.
  • Ghanta Gadi moves in all wards to collect garbage.
  • Bio Metric Attention Project started.
  • Electricity generation based on solid waste will be started on Government land.
  • Training Institute for training of about 500 staff & officers is started.
  • To provide housing to workers by forming their Societies & providing them land on long term rentals.
  • To reduce the size of advertisement given to newspapers.
  • To give combined advertisement for 8 to 10 tenders.
  • To convert high interest rate loans to low interest rate loans.
  • To keep separate booklet for each Capital work & keep record of the maintenance, this will also be done for all the works in last 8 to 10 years within 5 to 6 months.
  • Quality Testing laboratory is established to check the Quality of all Public Works.
  • To establish separate estimate cell to reduce the technical mistakes in estimates.
  • To provide the following information in website
  • Give details of budget.
  • Details of all works of 3 lakhs or above with the name of the contractor, period of work & location of work.
  • Rules & regulations sanctioned by Mahapalika.
  • Mahasabha resolutions.
  • Department wise monthly income & expenses details.
  • Details of the works given to Private or NGO Societies for Management & Maintenance.
  • Details of the estate, agreement & terms & conditions of the TMC's property given to Private Institute for use & Management.
  • All Tender Notice & Tender Documents by online e-tendering System.
  • Rules & regulations, Calculations methods formula, methodology & application formats etc for all types of taxes.
  • Rules & regulations, Calculations methods formula, methodology & application format etc for all licenses.
  • Permission to construct building.
  • One window system is operated in all Ward Offices.
  • To prepare timetable for all regular works, so that they can be started & completed in given time.
  • To keep separate record in a notebook for all works given to Co-operative Society & keep separate page for each society giving details of the work done.
  • The following timetable is proposed for reducing the time required to start the work.
  • Estimation - 1 month.
  • Completing the procedure of Mahasabha resolution/ General Body Resolution - 1 month.
  • Tender Advertisement period - 1 month.
  • Tender analyses - 1 month.
  • Completing the procedure of standing committee - 1 month.
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